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Exempt Locations

Some areas of the WVU campus are exempt from the W.Va. Campus Self-Defense Act. The below lists outline the specific rooms in affected campus buildings across WVU’s Morgantown, Beckley and Keyser campuses where licensed concealed pistols and revolvers are not permitted.

Please note that the W. Va. Self-defense Act does not apply in areas under the control of other entities, such as WVU Medicine, United Hospital Center or Charleston Area Medical Center. This includes locations near the WVU campuses at HSC Morgantown, HSC Charleston, HSC Martinsburg and the School of Nursing Bridgeport Campus. Individuals should be aware of any applicable policies of those entities before entering those spaces. For instance, at the School of Nursing Bridgeport Campus, individuals cannot currently access WVU’s campus without walking through space where guns are prohibited. Therefore, while it may not be an exempt space, no guns should be in the School of Nursing Bridgeport Campus.

WVU Morgantown - Downtown

Building Rooms
Boreman Hall Residents’ Rooms
Brooks Hall G50; G62
Chemical Research Laboratory 260; 262; 350; 354; 358; 360; 362; 373; 381; 450; 452; 453; 455; 456; 458; 460; 462; 464; 473; 550; 583
Clark Hall 113; 313A; 400; 401A; 409A; 422
Dadisman Hall Residents’ Rooms
Honors Hall Residents’ Rooms
Life Sciences B10; B11; B13; B13A; B13B; B13C; B14; B15; B15A; B15B; B16; B17; B17A; B17B; B21; B23; B25; B26; B26A; B37A; B41; 1231; 1233; 1331; 1332; 1333; 1335; 1336; 1337; 1338; 1339; 1340; 1341; 2115; 2150; 2150A; 2150C; 2150C1; 2150C2; 2150C3; 2150C4; 2150C5; 2151; 2153; 2155; 2157; 2158; 2303; 2304; 4109; 4111; 4111A; 4111B; 4113; 4209; 4209A; 4217; 4217B; 4225; 4231; 4231A; 4231B
Morgan House Potential student disciplinary proceedings
Oglebay Hall 221; 305
Seneca Hall Residents’ Rooms
Stalnaker Hall Residents’ Rooms
Summit Hall Residents’ Rooms
White Hall 214; 202; 338; 334; 310; 438; 410

WVU Morgantown - Evansdale

Building Rooms
Advanced Engineering B17H; 104; 105; 109; 111; 200; 201; 202; 206; 210
Aerodynamics Laboratory 107A; 108A
Agriculture Sciences 3406A; 1412; 1308
Agriculture Sciences Annex 144
Applied Human Services 238; G100; G100A; G100B; G100D; G101; G102; G103; G104; G105; G105A; G106; G109; G110; G111; G112; G113; G114; G115; G116; G117; G118; G119; G121; G122; G123; G124; G125; G126; G127
Canady Creative Arts Center 2504; 2504A; 3005; 5026; 5027B; Lyell B. Clay Concert Theatre during organized events
Engineering Research Building 123; 122; 125; 120; 118D; 207; 317; 316; 312; 311; 315; 309; 308; 305; 305A
Engineering Sciences Building B86; B84; B74; B27; B26; B28; B33; B61B; B65; B65B; G51C; G15; G71; G75B1; G55A1; G85B; B85; G91; G93; 272; 276; 264
Evansdale Residential Complex (Bennett, Braxton, Brooke and Lyon Towers) Residents’ Rooms
Greenhouse 3E; 3F; 203; 203A; 203B; 204
Lincoln Hall Residents’ Rooms
Mineral Resources Building 268A; 254 MRB; 133B
Oakland Hall Residents’ Rooms
Percival Hall 104; 106; 108; 111; 308; 318; 318A; 319; 326
South Agriculture Sciences G135
Student Health Building Entire building
Student Recreation Center 104E; 104E1; 104E2
WVU Coliseum During ticketed/organized events or athletic contests
Army NG Recruiter Office
Apartment 206 at University Park
Unit 210 at University Park
Room 120, 363 Oakland St., Morgantown, WV 26506
380 Oakland Ave., Morgantown, WV 26505
380 Oakland Ave., Morgantown, WV 26505

WVU Morgantown - Athletic Training Rooms

Building Rooms
Dick Dlesk Soccer Complex Room 120 (Athletic Training Room Suite)
Athletics Performance Center (NAT) Room 227 (Athletic Training Room Suite)
Coliseum Room G34 (Athletic Training Room Suite)
Cary Gymnastics Training Center Room 104 (Athletic Training Room Suite)
Basketball Practice Facility Room G20 (Athletic Training Room Suite)
Milan Puskar Center Room 101 (Athletic Training Room Suite)
Caperton Indoor Practice Facility Room 103 (Athletic Training Room Suite)

WVU Morgantown - Health Sciences

Building Rooms
Basement Floor: HSC North None
Basement Floor: HSC South Radiology/MRI; Tunnel to Ruby Hospital
Ground Floor: HSC North All Animal Research Quarters
Ground Floor: HSC South Patient Wellness Studio; Human Performance Clinic and Lab
First Floor: HSC North All of Dental and Oral Surgery Clinic Area; University Police Office
First Floor: HSC South Mary Babb Breast Care Center; OT/PT Faculty Practice Clinic; Carruth's BeWell HSC Clinic
Second Floor: HSC North 2032; 2033
Second Floor: HSC South None
Third Floor: HSC North 3047; 3075; 3121; 3130B; 3130D; 3121
Third Floor: HSC South STEPS Simulation Center
Fourth Floor: HSC North 4040D; 4040E
Fourth Floor: HSC South 4653
Fifth Floor: HSC South 5607; 5608; 5612
Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, Ninth and Tenth Floors: HSC South Designated Private Offices Only
Biomedical Research 170 Portal; 148; 146B; 146; 142; 141; 270 Portal; 258; 249; 248; 370 Portal; 357; 356; 343; 342; 341; 340
Mountaineer Station University Police Training Room

WVU Eastern Division - Health Sciences

Building Rooms
HSC Eastern Campus Simulation Lab

WVU Beckley

Building Rooms
Benedum Center HR Office 130
Classroom Building G6 (Animal Lab)
Engineering Laboratory 105
Hogan Hall Residents’ Rooms
Physical Science Building 104; 203; 205; 305; 309; 310; 405; 406; 407; 408
Student Health and Wellness Center Designated patient care/mental health counseling areas
Student Life House Potential student disciplinary proceedings
University Hall Residents’ Rooms
University Police Secured area

WVU Keyser

Building Rooms
Administration Building 200; President’s Suite 203 (potential disciplinary proceedings)
Baseball Clubhouse Athletic Training Room
Facilities Management Entire Building – High Hazardous and Animal Lab
Farm Shop Entire Building – High Hazardous and Animal Lab
Gustafson Farm Free Stall Barn; Upper Farm Shop
Lough Gymnasium Athletic Training Room
Malone Farm Beef Cattle Barn; Hospital Barn; Machine Shop
Memorial Hall Residents’ Rooms
Reynolds Hall 104A; 104C
Science Hall G6; 209; 210; 211; 308; 309; 314; 317; 319; 320
Starcher Ag. Complex Entire Building – High Hazardous and Animal Lab
Stayman Fieldhouse Athletic Training Room
Student Health Center Entire Building – Patient Care
University Place Suite 131 (potential student disciplinary proceedings); Residents' Rooms
University Police Entire Building – Secured Area

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